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One thing I have noticed recently is the overwhelming amount of technology used when people look for real estate these days. Although I know the internet has revolutionized the way that we buy and sell all products today, there are a number of things that just cannot be shown, felt, or experienced through a computer screen.

Buying a family home can be very daunting and many people have a long list of wants (not always needs) that help them sift through the large number of listings for sale on the internet. When chatting to buyers about a house inquiry it is common to hear the tapping of a keyboard on Google Maps to search the location of the property.

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All too often I hear I don't like the location or I don't like the look from street view . Through the computer screen a buyer has made a decision to not even consider the home in about twenty seconds; a home that would have been perfect to live in for the next twenty years.

Remember that the word home is the second most emotive word in the English language behind mother and brings up thoughts of wonderful times with family, friends, children and so much more.

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