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How much stuff do you own? I remember reading a few years ago about an article of a woman that created the 100 thing challenge. This challenge was to help people rid themselves of the weight and burden of stuff. If you are considering a tiny house, this challenge maybe just what you're looking for to help aid you in your transition. I did a personal inventory of everything I own and came up with roughly 244 items. I have a little ways to go, but I'm actively working my way toward 100 items. The benefits to downsizing our material lifestyles are: more money in our pockets, the quality of the things we do buy is higher, we can afford nicer vacations, pay down loans and debts faster, and set ourselves up for a more financially secure future. This helps deal with the things that we already own. As for the stuff we get in the future we need to learn to be more disciplined in our purchases.

When we make an irrational purchases, we tend to first get wrapped up in the feelings of having a particular thing, then we defend our position with logical reasons why we need it or should have it. This is opposite to the laws of reason where we should be asking the logical question first, "Do we really need that?" We have existed 10, 20, maybe 30+ years without it, but if we don't get this particular thing now, what will life look like tomorrow? A study conducted at Cornell University in January's 2010 issue of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology concluded that life experiences make people happier than buying and owning possessions. There is so much more emotion behind owning, and it all goes back to security. It makes sense that we all want to be safe and secure, to control the outcomes of life, but what authority do we really have outside of ourselves?

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Orrin Woodward, an internationally recognized New York Times best-selling author, and a successful life coach and executive management trainer, says, "There is no safety in a successful life, and there is no success in a safe life." There are defiantly some exceptions to Woodward's statement, surely, not all successful lives are unsecured, and not all by the book safe life's are unsuccessful. I believe that Woodward's statement was trying to bring about a greater truth to life, that it's full of risk, and we can never be 100% untouchable. This lesson as it relates to my article is to not grow so attached to stuff that it controls our behavior and prevents life's true enjoyment with others. In the end are we going to be saying, "Oh I wish I could have bought that thing." or, "I wish I spent more time and had more experiences with"?

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