First Time Home Buyer's, Where to Start

The internet is a wonderful thing. Buyers can go online and research loads of things. You can visit the schools online, at your leisure. You can browse communities online, again, at your leisure. Transportation, financing and whatever other needs you might want in a community. You can even search for properties for sale, view virtual tours and check out the pictures.

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But, what I am hearing from my buyers is that while all of this information is on the internet and they spend time studying, researching and figuring out how long a commute they want, or which community might work for them the amount of information is overwhelming. After all is said and done they are left with the question, "Ok, now where do I start? What do I do first"

You hire a Buyer's Agent and start to ask questions, go out and view properties and go step by step. All of the research starts to be in order by this agent. As you browse the internet you will find loads of real estate sites. You will find sites for Real Estate Offices, individual Real Estate agent sites, lead generator sites, relocation sites, and now with the change in the market all sorts of new ideas and sites are popping up. A little overview of the these sites follows as I can imagine it's a bit confusing.

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