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Staging a home is extremely important when selling in a tough market. This is not to say that you need to spend thousands of dollars in staging to get that sale, it simply means that you need to look at your home from the buyers perspective and make some simple changes. Here are a few tips to help you stage your home for success:

Remove Personal Items

It is important for buyers to be able to picture themselves living in your home. Removing personal items, such as family photos and childrens artwork, can help buyers do this. So get some packing done early and store those personal items today!

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Removing clutter is another way to help potential buyers see themselves in your home. Stacks of mail, magazines and other items can make your space seem smaller and less attractive.

Remove Oversized Furniture

Having furniture that is too big for your space can make it difficult to see a room and turn buyers off. Consider the architectural elements that make each of your rooms unique and ensure that your furniture isn't blocking or detracting from them. Remember, the goal here is to sell the homeeven if it means putting your favorite oversized chair in storage for awhile.


All too often homes are improperly lighted. Consider which of your rooms needs more lighting, simply adding a lamp or two can make all of the difference in the world. Also consider which lights can support higher wattage and take advantage of it. Replace light bulbs to ensure your fixtures are properly lighting each room.

Touch-up Paint

Its important for buyers to understand that you have cared for the home and are prepared to sell it in good condition. Walk around the exterior and interior of your home and identify paint scratches and scuffs, take this opportunity to repair any damage. Having crisp clean walls makes your home more inviting and therefore more marketable.

Renting Furniture

If you've already moved or you simply never completely furnished your home, renting furniture can be a great option. Select a few great pieces to round out your home and give it the cozy feel buyers are seeking. Keep in mind that renting furniture can be costly so work with what you have before visiting a rental store.

These are just a few staging tips that can truly make your house stand out from the rest. For more insight and tips, talk to your real estate agent. Allow them to point out how and what needs to be staged.

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